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I treat the surgeries listed below..
Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Ulnar Groove Syndrome (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome) means nerve compression in the elbow. After leaving the spinal cord in the neck, the ulnar nerve (N. Ulnaris) that goes to the forearm and the 4th and 5th fingers can be compressed while passing through the
Endoscopic Lumbar Hernia
Lumbar hernia is a disease that causes compression of the nerves as a result of the deterioration of the cartilage-like tissues called "disc", which are mostly located between the waist and neck vertebrae and are composed of a kind of cartilage structure.
Dizziness - Causes of Vertigo
Dizziness - You can review some of the Causes of Vertigo on our website for informational purposes only.
Full-Scale Brain Surgery
For Full-Fledged Brain Surgery Dr. You can make an appointment at Selçuk Aydın´s hospital and have a meeting with our doctor.
Waist and Neck Hernia Surgery
If you spend a lot of time at a desk, if you do not have any sports, or if you have genetic weakness in your muscles, you are in the risk group for cervical hernia.
Neuromonitorizavimas yra metodas, kuriuo siekiama suma?inti rizikos veiksnius, atsirandan?ius atliekant stuburo operacijas.
Spine Platinum (Screw Rod Instrumentation) Surgery
We would like to share some information about Spine Platinum (Screw Rod Instrumentation) Surgery with you, please call our doctor for detailed information and appointment ..
Full Closed Hernia Surgery
Full Off Hernia surgery is one of the most common ailments hernia problem in Turkey, "Full Off" is much easier with hernia surgery and can be treated quickly.
Hydrocephalus Surgery
You can reach a lot of information about Hydrocephalus Surgery our doctor´s personal website and you can forward all the questions you have to our doctor.
Neck Spinal Stenosis Surgery
Everything About Neck Spinal Stenosis Surgery! Dr. You will find answers to all your questions on Selçuk AYDIN´s personal website.
Nerve Compression Surgery
The tunnel in the wrist where the median nerve passes is called the carpal tunnel. The tunnel is narrow and consists of carpal bones on the floor and sides. This U-shaped bone bed is covered by a ligament called the transverse carpal ligament. Under this
Spine Fracture Surgery
We have tried to include All What You Want to Learn About Spine Fracture Surgery on our page. You can send us all your questions and problems.
Lumbar Hernia Surgery with Microsurgical Method
You can find a lot of information about Lumbar Hernia Surgery with Microsurgical Method (Closed Lumbar Hernia Surgery) here and you can contact us our contact page for an appointment.
Lumbar Shift Surgeries
Lumbar slippage is the sliding of the upper vertebra over the lower vertebra. Click for detailed information.
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I do the non-surgical treatments listed below..
It is used in the treatment of non-surgical low back pain under the name of Lumbar and Neck Hernia Treatment with Radiofrequency and in the non-surgical treatment of lumbar hernia disease especially at the initial stage.
Laser Treatment
It is not possible for the patient to be treated to be hospitalized. The application is carried out in a surgical center or hospital and the patient can return home the same day.
Ozone Therapy
We know oxygen as 02, and OZONE is O 3. In other words, it is a gas obtained 99 oxygen and it is active oxygen used in the treatment of many diseases.
The most recommended exercises for patients with neck and back pain are walking, swimming, and cycling in supine position.
Local Corticosteroid Application
Lumbar hernia needle therapy is an interventional treatment method applied in patients who do not respond positively to drug treatments and in patients with severe pain.
Hot Application
Is warm good for low back pain? Let me enlighten you a little about low back pain without mentioning the solution. Low back pain is caused by different reasons and prevents you doing your daily activities regularly and restricts you in most issues.
Lumbar Hernia Massage is a light pressure massage applied to the lower parts of the waist and upper parts of the hips. The main purpose of lumbar hernia massage is to accelerate the blood flow in the blood vessels in the lumbar region.
Physical therapy is the most effective and absolutely non-damaging method in the treatment of waist and neck hernia. Taking advantage of the healing effects of hot, cold and electric currents, various parts of the body are treated with various tools.
Drugs used to control pain are called analgesic drugs (pain relievers). Although not very common, sometimes muscle relaxants can be recommended.
During rest, one should not get out of bed as much as possible, meals should be eaten in bed, and even worship should be performed in bed. When compulsory to stand up for toilet needs, it should be returned to bed as soon as possible.
Some useful information we share for you.
Mild Moderate and Severe Lumbar Hernia
For Information on Mild, Moderate and Severe Lumbar Hernia, you can immediately review and read this content and reach our doctor for lumbar hernia treatment.
What are the Types of Headaches?
Migraine, which usually causes severe headache, is often on one side of the head. This is a distinctive finding. It can cause a person´s quality of life to considerably. 4 to 72 hours of migraine, with and without aura
Why Do You Have Headaches?
The brain itself is one of the organs that do not feel pain. However, in addition to the arteries and veins that feed the brain, the brain membrane, tooth, ear, nose, sinus, throat, eye, neck and back muscles are sensitive to pain. Headache, in terms of i
Attention to Head Injuries in Children
You should pay attention to Head Trauma in Children. Head injuries are the most common cause of death and disability. You can review the article on the subject on our personal site.
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  • Alemdağ Caddesi Sezer Sokak No:3-5 Ümraniye / İSTANBUL
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